Tyre Monitoring

Tyre Monitoring


Tyre Monitoring is a suite of software modules that aim at monitoring the tyres status of a vehicle without installation of dedicated and expensive sensors.
Attain IT has developed two different algorithms for the sensorless tyre temperature estimation (TTyre) and for the tyre pressure deflation detection (Tyre Deflation).
The installation of these modules on the vehicle (e.g. in the dashboard microcontroller) allows:

  • safety improvement
  • fuel consumption reduction
  • tyres performance monitoring (e.g for high performance cars)

Key features of the Tyre MonitoringTM technology:

  • sensorless (installation of dedicated sensors is not needed)
  • based only on dynamic signals of the vehicle (accessible from the CAN network of the vehicle)
  • flexible and easily adaptable to different type of vehicles (truck, compact car, sport car)
  • developed in MATLAB®/Simulink®1 environment
  • automatic code generation with RTW® Embedded Coder™ (certified for use in development processes which need to comply with IEC 61508 standars)
  • implementation on various target platforms (Simulink® S-function, Windows XP, Windows CE, microcontrollers).

1. MATLAB® and Simulink® are products made by Mathworks Inc. (Natick, MA)


Tyre Deflation is a software module for the sensorless detection of the tyre pressure deflation.
The model exploits the dynamic signals of the vehicle and allows the detection of a pressure deflation of few tenths of bar (just 0.2 bar on the tested vehicles).


TTyre is a software module that allows the sensorless estimation of the tyre tread temperature.
The algorithm is based on the modeling of the heating up by hysteresis and friction and the consequent thermal exchange phenomena involving the tyres during the operation of the vehicle.
The model takes as input the vehicle dynamic signals (e.g. accelerations, vehicle speed, etc) and returns as output the temperature of the tyre tread.
The flexibility of the model is guaranteed by a set of tunable parameters that can be easily optimized for the specific vehicle with a few dedicated test sessions (constant speed steps, steering pad, acceleration and braking).


All the models are developed in MATLAB®/Simulink® environment.
This allows deploying the model not only for the specific end platform, but also as Simulink® S-function module in order to perform:

  • off-line parameters optimization
  • off-line testing
  • SIL (Software In-the-Loop) testing.