Attain IT, founded in January 2011, is an Information Technology company specialized in the development of SW products and services for the acquisition and processing in real-time of data from mobile systems (such as vehicles) and by means of mobile devices (such as smartphones and embedded systems). Attain IT know-how and experience include the field of model based design applied also to human behaviour detection and the field of data networks and diagnostic functionalities applied to vehicles.
The company offers to designers and/or manufacturers of electronic systems, engineering services relevant to:

  • Model based algorithms design and implementation for driver behaviour, fuel consumption, battery monitoring and predictive diagnostic;
  • Development and testing of software for embedded systems, mainly devoted to vehicles;
  • Electronic system design, test and debug of CAN BUS (Controlled Area Network bus) or OBD (On Board Diagnostic) messages;
  • Electrical measurements of analogue and digital signals;
  • Services for production phase including “end of line” final testing.