About Us

About Us

Engineering company


Attain IT is a young and dynamic company, composed of 75% of members under the age of thirty years, founded January 28, 2011 in Venice. Founded as a technological spin-off of SATE Systems and Advanced Technologies Engineering S.r.l., an engineering, research and innovation company with many years of experience in the design of physical mathematical models applied to the automotive industry, with clients among the best known of the sector in Italy and Germany, today Attain IT is a solid reality which expanded its research to the entire mobility sector.
Attain IT is specialized in developing products and services for the real-time acquisition and processing of data from mobile systems (such as vehicles) and with mobile devices (such as smartphones, embedded systems).
In December 2019, Attain IT assigned to S.A.T.E. LTD some skills and technologies developed in the course of its business and subsequently ceased its business.
For information on Attain IT products and technologies, contact S.A.T.E. (www.sate-italy.com) by contacting info@sate-italy.com.


Attain IT offers to the high number of industrial, commercial and private users the best application solutions derived from S.A.T.E. innovation activities in the field of diagnostics, with the aim of designing products to enhance safety and eco-friendliness in both public and private transportation.

  • Improve the economy and security in the use of road and water vehicles
  • Using and interpreting the information already available on-board
  • Process by mathematical or physical / mathematical models and integrated with other information coming from the environment and mobile electronic devices and sensors
  • Customised SW design and development for vehicles management and diagnostics (based on both model based and data based system design);
  • Hardware and software engineering for electronic systems oriented to:
    • Fuel economy;
    • Diagnostics of the vehicle performace and of the engines components;
    • Driving style evaluation;
    • Evaluation of emissions during transportation;
    • Dashboards;
    • Antitheft;
    • Immobilizers and electronic keys;
  • Sofware applications for Android, iPhone and Windows systems;
  • WEB servises for management of data acquired on mobile devices;
  • Design and analysis of models and algorithms for the interpretation of data acquired by mobile systems.