Fleet FCM

Fleet FCM

The Fleet FCM system:

  • provides a detailed analysis of the fuel consumption of vehicles, identifying and quantifying the two factors that determine it:
    • the driving style
    • the status and engine efficiency
  • Estimates in real-time the mass of the vehicle without additional sensors
  • Identifies refuelling and fuel withdrawal events
  • Evaluates safety conditions for the engine

The driving style:

By connecting to the CAN network of the vehicle, the Fleet FCM system:
provides an index or driving judgment based on a physical-mathematical model that takes into account the characteristics of the current mission , including:

  • speed
  • acceleration
  • carried load (estimated in real-time by the model)
  • slope of the road
  • external temperature
  • frictions

In this way, the fleet manager has the overview of all vehicles and can detect virtuous driving and those that need additional training.


The efficiency of the engine:

By connecting to the CAN network of the vehicle, the Fleet FCM system:
provides an indication on the status or the efficiency of the engine or through a physical-mathematical model, for maintenance purposes and breakdown prevention, in function of :

  • engine speed
  • torque required from the motor

the Fleet FCM system sends the detailed data acquired on the CAN network of the vehicle to a portal for viewing it and for generating summary reports:


Attain IT also provides customized services to help the fleet manager with:

  • Summary reports for the whole fleet
  • Detailed reports on each vehicle of the fleet
  • Detailed reports on vehicle of specific interest
  • Time-continuous reports or for defined periods of time

in order to:

  • Identify possible causes of waste of fuel
  • Identify possible solutions for improvement actions
  • Train driving staff to make such solutions effective

It is well known that virtuous driving courses are very effective and demonstrate that it is possible to achieve significant savings. However, little by little, the driving behaviour tends to go back to its usual habits:

  • A display mounted on board and connected to the HW indicates if the driver is driving in a virtuous way and also shows the historical data of the last driving hours
  • The driver is involved in the company effort to optimize the fuel consumption, in a transparent and respectful way, that endorses the competence and professionalism
  • Attain IT system gives the best results when it is accompanied by appropriate training and by an appropriate incentive system
  • The Reports by Attain IT are a guarantee of independence in case of any dispute providing a good tool for training
  • If required, Attain IT, being in connection with professionals, may provide the appropriate driving training courses.

By connecting to the CAN bus of the vehicle, the Fleet FCM system is able to compare the actual fuel consumption with the ideal one, which could be achieved with a virtous driving style, taking into account the variables that affect consumption during a missione. Among these, the mathematical model that estimates the ideal consumption also includes the load carried by the vehicle, which is estimated in real time, while the vehicle is running, if this is not available on the CAN network of the vehicle.
Other variables considered in the computation of the ideal fuel consumption are the slope of the road, the speed of the vehicle (thus the frictions) and the efficiency of the engine.


The Fleet FCM systems installed in the vehicles participating in the trial of the system totalled 1,000,000 km covered without recording interruption of the service. It is a group of 12 trucks that have carried freight service on the roads of Europe from March 2011, by hosting the Fleet FCM system. This achievement has demonstrated on the road the robustness and reliability of the system and allowed processing a large amount of vehicle data in order to refine the models of driving style and engine efficiency.

The Fleet FCM service provides other services, which can be activated on demand:
Service of daily report Day by Day
The Day by Day service is a service of daily synthesis of the vast amount of information available on the portal of the Fleet FCM system. Thanks to the Day by Day service the fleet manager can use these data in the most efficient and economical way, saving him/her the time and cost of downloading and processing data of each vehicle of the fleet.

Each report can be received automatically by e-mail at the end of the day or downloaded by the user from the portal of the Fleet FCM at anytime.
The Day by Day report summarizes the most important data of the mission travelled by each vehicle: distance travelled, stopping points and duration, fuel consumption, carried load, road slope, times with the engine at idle, etc.
A map shows the route travelled along the day and the stopping points, while the numeric data are displayed in a table that refers to the route and stopping and driving sections indicated on the map.