Attain IT Driver Tutor Suite – TTyre Plus Tuning Service

Attain IT Driver Tutor Suite - TTyre Plus Tuning Service



The TTyre Plus Racing Tuning Service is a service provided by Attain IT in order to optimize the performances of TTyre Plus Racing .
TTyre Plus Racing is a software developed by Attain IT for the predictive estimation of tyres temperature and inflation pressure based on the environmental conditions and on the vehicle dynamics CAN signals.
The tool has been developed for motorsport use to provide an effective aid in the choices regarding tyres (e.g. tyres initial inflation pressure).
The aim of the service is to customize the software, by determining one or some sets of values of the tunable parameters of the model in order to provide optimized estimations in several cases of car setups and / or different driving conditions.


The off-line parameters optimization capability makes TTyre Plus Racing a very flexible tool, since it is tunable for a wide range of conditions and vehicles by simply adapting the values of some tunable parameters in the model.


TTyre_plus_service-2The tuning of the software tool is a standard procedure that Attain IT can perform on site. The procedure starts with the acquisition of one or more data sets during driving.
The data are acquired connecting a suitable device (e.g. an ultra – mobile PC or a smartphone) to the CAN of the vehicle and running some test laps.
After this first step, the final values of temperature and pressure of the tyres are measured and recorded by mean of suitable instruments provided by Attain IT (in particular infrared thermometers and manometers).
The data acquisition procedure can be repeated several times to obtain values corresponding to different driving conditions.
In particular, different track conditions can be analysed (e.g. dry, soft wet, hard wet). Moreover, different car setups can be considered, with particular focus on the tyre sets.
The CAN signals acquired are used as input for the model, that simulates the laps and provides an estimation of the final values of pressure and temperature.
The tuning consists in calculating one or more sets of model parameters that optimize the correspondence between the final values of pressure and temperature estimated by the model and the measured ones.