04/04/2016 – Sustainable mobility in Venice (Italy)

Sustainable mobility in Venice (Italy)

The city of Venice has signed an agreement with a major Japanese industry for the design of a sustainable mobility system based on the use of hybrid and hydrogen technologies. The proposal will be submitted within three months and will include both the automotive and water transport.

The system will include the experimental test of a car-sharing system based on hybrid vehicles, thus promoting low-emission transport modes.

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Il Gazzettino 05/04/2016 - Sustainable mobility in Venice

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Look at the journalistic service of the TGR Veneto (TG Veneto Edizione delle 14 del 05/04/2016, the reports starts at the 9th minute and 39th seconds)

Attain IT has been working since its foundation, in 2011, both in the field of sustainable mobility and in the field of definition and implementation of systems for fleet management including car-sharing.

Indeed Attain IT in 2015 concluded the MOBILITY TRACKER project, developing and implementing a monitoring system (Transportation Mode Detection, TMD) aimed at automatically determining the mode of transport used by individuals or groups, to help them change their transportation habits, for example, from the use of individual vehicles (Single Occupancy Car) to more sustainable ones.

Therefore this technology could be exploited to foster low-emission transport modes, in line with the system that the City of Venice is willing to implement.

Moreover Attain IT has provided for several years the service Fleet BCM (Fleet Battery Charge Monitoring) that allows the remote monitoring of the battery charge of electric vehicles and of the fuel level of conventional ones, through a CAN/Bluetooth device allowing selected access to the on board data network.

An on-board BT dongle controlled by Attain IT through the TomTom LINK 510 device, sends the battery level or the fuel level, the vehicle mileage and the vehicle status to Attain IT servers via the WEBFLEET.connect API and using the GPRS connection, making available geolocalized information both on a dedicated fleet management web page and through customized web services, for integration with ERP.

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Moreover the sister company S.A.T.E. (www.sate-italy.com), by means of its president, Mr. Attilio Brighenti, has been involved since 1996 in innovative projects for the definition, design and construction of a public transport vessel with low environmental impact characteristics, to be utilised on urban waterways.

In 1996 Mr. Attilio Brighenti led on behalf of ACTV the project LIUTO, Low Impact Urban Transport water Omnibus, funded by the European Commission, which resulted in a hybrid propulsion based vessel that has:

  • A low generation of waves and wash
  • An attenuation of the noise
  • A significant decrease in polluting gas emissions and fuel consumption

More recently S.A.T.E. provided consultancy services to Industrie Meccaniche Scardellato S.p.a. within the project VEZ, Vaporetto a Zero Emissioni (Zero Emission Vessel), funded by the European Commission in the H2020 program.

The project studied and compared two alternative architectures of zero emission vessel:

  • one powered by a hybrid energy generation and management system based on hydrogen-air fuel cells, roof mounted PV cells and batteries
  • the other based on purely electric energy storage by batteries suited for one day service endurance

The study included a comprehensive technical activity aimed at identifying solutions to the inherent risks associated to hydrogen storage and handling, in compliance with the regulations applicable to water transports, taking into account also the ongoing applications to road vehicles.

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