Transport System


TITOLO services

Fleet FCM
The Fleet FCM system provides a detailed analysis of the fuel consumption of vehicles, identifying and quantifying the two factors that determine it: the driving style and the status and engine efficiency


Attain IT Driver Tutor Suite
Suite of applications that may be integrated also on embedded systems, aiming at increasing the safety and reducing consumptions in transports, by monitoring the vehicle and the driving behaviour.

Driving Advisor
DRIVERAdvisor is an on-board software tool to be installed inside buses, which was developed and tested on a commercial Ultra-Mobile PC (UMPC). The system aims at improving driving performance and decreasing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Fuel Consumption Monitoring
Is an on-board platform of the ADTS (Attain IT Driver Tutor Suite), to be installed as a cockpit software or PDA add-on, to help transport vehicles fleet managers and drivers in saving fuel.