TITOLO services

Fleet FCM
provides a detailed analysis of the fuel consumption of vehicles, identifying and quantifying the two factors that determine it: the driving style and the status and engine efficiency


The iFretta APP provides the position of the boat in the Lagoon of Venice, monitoring the speed and providing a real-time warning if the local speed limit is exceeded, thanks to the integrated GPS.

Ai Reali Venezia
Ai Reali Venezia is the APP developed for the 4-Luxury stars Hotel “Ai Reaili”, located in an old Venetian building in the heart of Venice.

Attain IT Driver Tutor Suite - for the driving style
1. DRIVER TUTOR: monitoring the driving style. It may be configured by selecting among the following modules, those that meet the specific needs Driver Advisor, Driver Assistant, Driver Instructor
2. ATD: detecting driving irregularities during the execution of turns, which may indicate a potential altered status of the driver.
3. DRIX: Behavioural indexes that may detect irregularities in the driving style and classify it based on the level of “nervousness” of the driver.